Application Requirements

The following checklist is intended to provide guidelines for assigning the value of professional development activities and programs that would meet approval for PLUs.

  • Purpose of this professional study.
  • Requirements of the professional study.
  • Prerequisites of the professional study, if any.
  • Specify selected cities/towns/communities as host site(s) for professional study.
  • Number of PLU(s) to be earned upon successful completion.
  • Anticipated number of years (1, 2, or 3) the professional study will be offered.
Standard(s) Addressed: Does the provider identify the standard(s) addressed by the professional study?
  • Standard 1 Planning for Continuous Improvement
  • Standard 2 Teaching and Learning
  • Standard 3 Human Resources Development
  • Standard 4 Diversity
  • Standard 5 Community and Stakeholder Relationships
  • Standard 6 Technology
  • Standard 7 Management of the Learning Organization
  • Standard 8 Ethics
Do the professional study activities, in summary:
  • Address all key indicators for knowledge?
  • Address applicable key indicators for ability?
  • Align to all professional development standards?
Targeted Participant(s): Does the provider identify the targeted participant(s) for the professional study?
  • Principal (any grade level)
  • Educational Administrator
  • Supervisor (any subject and/or grade level)
  • Superintendent-Principal
  • Instructional Leader
  • Administrator of Career and Technical Education
  • Superintendent
  • Practicing Instructional Leader
  • Other
Methods of Delivery: Does the provider identify any methods to reflect professional study content delivered over time?
  • Saturday workshops (more than one Saturday)
  • Extended seminars
  • Distance learning/On-line courses
  • Regional, state, national conferences/conventions
  • Site visits
  • Book studies
  • Face to face (coaching/mentoring by specialist, instructional leader, or expert consultant)
  • Workshop/Institute/Inservice, including summer, at local education agencies (LEAs) (more than one day)
Professional Study Available To Educators In: Does the provider identify the educators which may participate?
  • Regional Inservice Center(s)
  • Selected board of education district(s)
  • Selected cities, towns, communities, or schools
Delivery Time Frame: Is more than one delivery method identified to support professional study delivered over time?
  • Multiple-day (2-10 days, e.g., seminar, conference, institute, workshops)
  • Distance learning/On-line courses
  • Estimated number of contact/clock hours, specify type of contact expected
  • Other (e.g. seminar seat-time, on-line, research, project, job embedded)
Cost to Participant: Does the provider include cost to the participant?

Pre and Post Activities: Does the provider describe all requirements related to pre- and/or post-activities for successful completion of this professional study? This is not the PS Method of Evaluation.
  • Pre-test/Post-test
  • Pre-survey/Post-survey
  • Pre-study/Pre-reading
  • Post-Plan of Action
  • Post-follow-up sessions/review
  • Post-reflection
Method of Evaluation: Does the provider identify methods of evaluation for the professional study?
  • Pre-test/survey
  • Post-test/survey
  • Post-follow-up sessions/review
  • Student/instructional leadership data review
  • Evaluation from outside consultant/agency
  • Post-reflection